Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After your heart

Wow so much has changed since last time I wrote yet it feels like nothing has happened if you know what I mean. One thing I have been dealing with lately is the fact of where my heart has been. Think about it. All over the bible it talks about where our treasure is there our heart will be also. I have been trying to evaluate where my heart has been. What is taking my attention, efforts, and energy. To be honest not much that seems to put my treasure in heaven. 

So what is with my title "after your heart?" I was one day listening to this song "After your Heart" by Phil Wickham. By the way I love Phil Wickham he has great music and lyrics. So I was listening to this song and it hit me. That is the battle I face every day. I face the battle of giving my heart away. The world is after my heart to indulge in the things of this world. The Holy spirit is after my heart to do things that benefit my life in heaven. Every day I have the choice to either give my heart to the world or  to the Holy spirit. So what do I do. Usually to be honest I give into the world but my ultimate desire is to give my heart wholly to God. 

I want my heart to burn after God. To have my treasure in heaven. To make what I do here count to my heavenly home. Yet the devil and the world everyday go after our hearts to pull us away from God and focus on our own selfish desires. We must fight against the flow of the world to put our hearts in the right place and trade in our selfish desires for selfless ones. To take humbleness instead of pride, scorn instead of praise, the hard road instead of going with the flow. It is a battle that you will face everyday. Like the song talks about I want to go higher in my love life with God. I want my love for my God to fill me to overflowing and then for that love to flow out of me to those around me. 

So I challenge you to fight against the norm and give your heart to God to grow closer to him. What does that look like? It can take on many forms. It can manifest itself in material things(buying a lot of stuff), in always trying to look good(outward beauty, looking cool), getting your joy from this world instead of relying on God for joy and love, and many other forms. Pray about it and find an area where the devil is winning in the battle for your heart. Then take this challenge: to fight in that area to give God glory and control. To let that selfish desire or whatever it is die and rely on God for it instead.

So what will you do? Will you let the devil win in the battle for your heart and desires? Or will you stand up and fight? Will you take the challenge to examine your heart and fight against the devil? Or will you just sit back and let the devil win? Its your choice but remember you can't do it alone. I have made that mistake so many times in thinking that I could do it on my own and trust me it doesn't work. You will need major backup. Grab a friend and try to take the challenge together but most of importantly pray and ask God for help. He is the number one person who can help you in this battle. Like my other posts state prayer works and in this situation you will need a lot of it.

Fight on Brothers and Sisters! Fight against complacency, lukewarm spiritual life, pride, and the like! Get on your knees and fight like a man(or woman)!

Your bro in Christ,


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