Saturday, April 27, 2013

Have you made your God into god?

Just that, have you made your God into god? Now exactly what do I mean by that. Well we as humans have this tendency that if things don't make sense in our minds we don't want to accept them until we either understand them or change them to fit into our perspective. Now I know many people have done this myself included and hence why I wanted to bring it up. How many times has God done things in your life that don't make sense? I know in my life it feels like every day.

One big example is that popular question if God is so powerful why does he allow suffering in the world? For the sake of time and not feeling qualified I will not be answering the question but you have to admit the question gets you thinking. I know I have mulled this one over for quite a while and in some cases I have questioned God himself. Do you accept this about God? Or do you ignore it and push it off? So many things God does doesn't make sense but think about it would he really be God if he made sense? We in our finite minds can't begin to comprehend how big God really is. With that doesn't that limit how much we understand? Of course it does!

With that being said do you allow your view of God to be shaped by what you can't understand? Is God a monster for allowing people to suffer? For those people who have studied and know about Gods character you would say no absolutely not!! He has a purpose and a plan whether we understand it or not. However how many people see God as a giant in the sky having fun with the giant ant hill? You would be surprised. So many times God will do things in your life that won't make sense, don't let that change how you view God! Don't let your finite mind change how you think of God. Do the research find out God's character! Learn from his book he gave us for teaching and learning. Pray and ask yourself. God is not afraid of you asking him questions and in fact he loves to hear from us.

I know recently I have been trying to see what God is doing in my life and most of it I don't understand. Yet I have to keep coming back to what I know. I know God has a incredible plan for my life and I must have faith that whatever he is having me go through is making me stronger. So rejoice in your trials for God uses those to make you stronger and more fit for the battles ahead. Don't loose heart!! Fight the good fight and run the race set out before you.

God bless you all.