Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It All Starts With Prayer (Part 2)

Prayer is a powerful thing. Its is probably the most powerful thing you will ever encounter in you life. Yet how many people actually view it as powerful? What does your prayer life look like? Does your prayer time start good but after a little bit you get distracted then you end up feeling guilty that you got distracted. Then after feeling guilty you give up because you aren't getting anywhere? Prayer is the basis for our Christian faith, the main way you should build a relationship with someone is to talk to them. You need to communicate with them and if there are things in your life that are hindering you from that you won't have a good relationship. Your relationship with God needs to start with God at the center.

Listen if you don't feel close to God or you feel like your prayer life is extremely lacking Pray! Stop your life and pray. Don't let your life continue to go on without God at the center because if you don't stop your life you will find yourself drifting away from God at an alarming rate. Clear away all the distractions, give God as much of your time as you can, and talk to him. Seriously consider how your prayer life with God is and be willing to listen to what God wants you to change. God listens! Tell him exactly what your feeling. If you don't feel close to Him or you want to have a better prayer life tell him. If you feel depressed all the time and worn out tell him! If you want something to change in your life that you know needs to change tell him. God loves to listen to what you have to say to him. He wants to help you, he is always there for you. Come to him as you are. God already loves you as you are so why try and make yourself look better? Come to him with all your problems and believe that he will begin a good work in you. Your relationship starts with prayer, with communication with a Holy and Amazing God! Don't let the distractions of life pull you off your walk with God. With that said now might be a great time to stop and pray.

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  1. Thanks for posting this bro. I really needed to hear this.