Thursday, March 14, 2013



I need your help I need your power
give me your redeeming grace this hour
I know your love I know your faithful
I know the price you paid please don't see this as ungrateful
but why am I here what is my purpose
sometimes I feel hopeless, sometimes I feel worthless.
I test your trust and I push your limits
but this world is deceiving and full of gimmicks
I want leave I want to go home
I want to go to a place where nothing but your love is known
the temptation is strong this burden is heavy 
but when will I trust you, when will I be ready
to run for the prize and lay the rest down 
to finally realize what you gave, the reason you were bound.
when will I stand up, when will I say no
when will I leave this earth and to heaven I go
please give me new life and direction 
and give me the strength to receive correction

To Josh my brother my close friend
May I make you proud and never stop growing to the end
I can't wait to see you and laugh with you
May a Man of God full of joy and peace I stay true
And may the Lord's mercies everyday be anew.